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Ethan’s roots

Ever wondered what old school Ethan sounded like?

Debuting… Stark Classics! A soundcloud exclusively for Ethan’s throwback tunes.

DISCLAIMER: Stark Classics are for novelty use only. They are not representative of Ethan’s current musical superpowers, and were made under the influence of large amounts of angst and synthesizers.

Rejoicing, 2006. This track was one of Ethan’s first digital music creations, made using Reason 1.0. Now on version 8.1, Reason is still Ethan’s go-to music software. These days, he doesn’t use the sample libraries quite so liberally.


Behind These Hazel Eyes, 2009. This track is a shoutout to Ethan’s not-so-secret love for Kelly Clarkson. He felt that her emotional lyrics needed a raw, stripped down sound to match. (So. Many. Feelings.)

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ALBUM RELEASE: The Letdown – Rebecca Marcyes

I am thrilled to announce the release of The Letdown by Rebecca Marcyes!

The album is sparse and poignant, touching on sorrow, desire, approaching and evading closeness, home, growing up, getting it, and accepting it.

There’s a sweet 7th bonus track on there if you purchase it.

Rebecca Marcyes

Recorded, mixed and mastered at by Ethan Stark at Stark Studio in Berkeley, California.

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Want to hear more of Rebecca’s brilliant vocal work? Check out the 12 layers of her voice on this track by Nat Rosenzweig, also recorded here.

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