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Roots Round Two

Craving some Stark Classics? Check out more of Ethan’s throwback tunes!

DISCLAIMER: Stark Classics are for novelty use only. They are not representative of Ethan’s current musical superpowers, and were made under the influence of large amounts of angst and synthesizers.

Red Rubber Ball, 2010

Apologize, 2011.

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It’s All Been Done #ChordProgressions

Did you know that all of your favorite songs are built on a dozen or so chord progressions that keep getting recycled? It’s true! Visit this amazing website and punch in one of my favorites: C, G, Am F.

I, for one, don’t despair about this. I celebrate it, and seek to find the richness in lyrics, instrumentation, and sonic textures.

Need a more rocking explanation? Let The Axis of Awesome tell the tale:

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