All classes are tailored to the specific musical interests, styles and abilities of the student. No prior musical experience or training is necessary—we’ll have you making music from day one!

Music Recording and Production Classes

Do you want to record or produce your own music, build music from the ground up, or record and produce for others? Then let Ethan Stark teach you what you need to know.

  • Recording techniques for vocals, guitars, and other instruments
  • Building beats using drum machines and loops
  • iPad- and iPhone-based instruments like Figure
  • Quantization: fix rhythmic mistakes
  • Build your own synthesizer!
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Songwriting and arranging
  • Vocal pitch correction, harmonies, and special effects

Ukulele Classes

The ukulele is an excellent choice for those new to stringed instruments. They travel well, and four strings and a smaller neck make it ideal for those with smaller hands. Ukulele chord shapes are very similar to guitar chord shapes, so it’s easy to switch between the two instruments.

Guitar Classes

A cornerstone in jazz, rock, indie, folk, and pop music, the guitar needs no further introduction. You can take classes in electric or acoustic guitar.

Piano Classes

If you’d like individual piano classes, contact us and Ethan can explain the non-traditional method he uses to teach piano. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

About Instrument Classes:

  • Lessons, songs and exercises will be tailored to your favorite musical styles
  • You’ll learn music theory: chords, triads, scales, etc.
  • Plus rhythm, strumming, and fingerpicking techniques, if applicable
  • We’ll keep you improving with manageable challenges as you grow
  • Have fun! Impress friends and family with your new skills!

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