When I heard Margaret Tran perform “Search The Streets” at The Starry Plough’s open mic, I immediately started planning the instrumentals I could layer on top of her rhythmic cello and vocal parts. In the studio, I shared ideas, she picked the ones that meshed with her vision of the song, and we were both excited about the results:


Working with Bay Area hip-hop artist Nesasio has been thrilling. We’ve been collaborating, recording, and swapping production tips for months; here are our latest tracks:

Folk / Pop

This one time, Hank bought a bus, turned it into an RV, we all went on a trip, and I composed the music for the kickstarter.

David Grizwold recently wrote and kickstarted the children’s book Mother, What is the Moon? He approached me with a simple folk song inspired by the book, but by the time we added A-List percussionist Brian Hogan, beatboxing, and a choir from the East Coast, the song became something else entirely.

Jazz Rock Jam Band

We took the recording studio on the road and recorded Seven Factorial as they grooved on an urban farm.