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Summer Album Adventure

I went through a breakup this spring. Such moments are a great opportunity to shake things up and take a look at unrelated areas of life that have gone unquestioned. To that end, I had the following thought:

You spend a lot of time in a supportive musical role, helping others bring their music to life. What if you carved out some time to find out what your music sounds like?

And so, my mission was born: record my first EP.


My mobile recording rig at The Penthouse

What I know so far:

The album will be electronic (synthesizers, drum machines, etc.) and many layers of vocals. It would be easier for me to create a folk album, but I think that my electronic sound palate will allow me to bring something more unique into the world.

I’ll be aiming to have six songs written by the end of July, so that I can select the best four. Perhaps I will be industrious and put out more than four, but four is the minimum goal.

The tools in my tool kit:

Reason 8: The most intuitive, modular, and musician-friendly digital audio workstation around. It’s been my native language since I picked up version 1 at age 13. So many synthesizers at my fingertips . . .

Studying the teachings of Pat Pattison (check out his free songwriting course)

A hard deadline: I hereby commit to release whatever tracks I have by September the 1st, 2015.

View from the house in Mexico

View from the house in Mexico


Exotic locales: the bulk of the recording and mixing of this album will take place in a retreat house in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and an apartment in North Beach, San Francisco.  I have a whole lot of gratitude for my friends Jessica and Jae, who have granted me the opportunity to create in such spaces.


Creative compatriots: While the bulk of this album project will be done by me alone, I will be creating alongside several other dear friends as part of an intentional “art-in”. We will help each other stay on track, set meaningful goals, and check in on progress.



That’s the plan! Ready, set, go!

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