Muisc production

The art of combining recorded sound waves and virtual instruments into a greater musical whole

(1) Inputs

There are countless building blocks you can use to sculpt your song:

  • Your own voice or instrument
  • Other people’s voices or instruments–this could come in the form of loops, sampling, or remixing entire songs.
  • Easy-to-play virtual instruments on an iPad, iPhone or iPod.


(2) Mixing and editing
  • Add effects to your guitar until you sound like Hendricks, Bono, or Van Halen.
  • Add reverb to your voice so you sound like you’re singing in a cave.
  • Record several takes, then pick out the best parts of each to sculpt an ideal performance.
  • Mix and EQ everything to perfection, so your sound is crisp, tight, and fat.


(3) Outputs
  • Publish your work on soundcloud and start a following.
  • Send your project to your friend so he or she can add tracks or remix it.
  • Send a song to your grandmother; she’ll get a kick out of it.

With thanks to Rebecca Grodofsky for the artwork